Image&Style@166 was founded by Kerrie & Mark who are mother and son, they worked together to change Kerrie’s image after her divorce. Kerrie had been unhappy with her image for some time, it was here that Mark stepped in to help change things. After Kerrie’s image changed, her confidence and ambition soared. It was now that Kerrie who had been a hair stylist for over 18 years which included managing salons and training numerous staff discovered the confidence and drive to begin to build her own business. It is now that Mark and Kerrie have seen the impact the changes have had that they realise they would like to help others reach their true potential and so the concept for image&style@166 was born.
They are a company who believe through experience that image can be an important factor in how you feel about yourself. Most people in this world are visual buyers from purchasing your dream home, your new car to that gorgeous outfit you just need for the office party, its all through the look of it. We know how challenging and frustrating it can be to create a look in every situation everyday and to be happy with your overall image seems like it will never happen.
Image&Style@166 is aware of all those moments where you just do not know what to do, they want to boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. They want to find the look that suits you as an individual whatever age, height, body shape or budget you have, by the end of your experience with them, you will have the knowledge to make the positive changes in your life you wanted to make.
‘Who knows where your style journey will take you?’