Vogue, one of the most famous if not the most famous fashion magazine in the world is putting “ordinary” or “everyday” women first

We see the beautiful fashion models of today, less than 8 stone and no shorter than 5 foot 9, these perfect creatures that are used to promote the things we believe will look perfect on us. Vogue is looking to turn the industry on it’s head by being diverse with who promotes the gorgeous outfit you can finally say “will look amazing on me”.

The media may have exaggerated by saying the issue will involve the fabulous Shirley at the end of the street as I think designers, especially big names in the industry that appear in vogue, wouldn’t want to go against the grain to promote their clothing in someone who is not a model. However vogue definitely is put a message out there and that message is clear, it really speaks what Image&Style@166 is all about.

It does not matter what size, shape, age or job you have, you can still look amazing and more importantly feel amazing in the right clothes. When wearing the correct outfit for you, you will look in the mirror and know you do not have to be 8 stone or 5 foot 10. You are perfect as you are.

Image&Style@166 are willing to put the effort in to make sure that REAL women come first, remove the stigma of how you think you should look and start being yourself because you start loving you for who you are, your whole life becomes amazing