Alicia Keys, Grammy Award winning singer, over 65 million records sold with a gorgeous face to go with it? She’s had her struggles too?

I recently come across an article with Alicia Keys that was written in 2015, where she opens up about her style, when Alicia was younger she enjoyed exploring her feminine nature but when it attracted unwanted attention, she went into her shell. She decided to dress in a way to disguise who she was, she hit behind her baggy jeans and timberland boots.

She knew it was not her style but she felt it was safer to look like somebody else than to expose herself. Her first album was released back in 2001, now in 2016, she is now a woman who took a stand and decided to become who she really was. Alicia started wearing dresses and feeling comfortable and confident in her body and would not let anyone stop her.

This incredible story of someone who was so prominent in the media spotlight who felt just through the clothes she was wearing was hiding who she really was. Image&Style@166 knows that this happens in everyday life to anyone, not just celebrities. We want to help those who are not really expressing themselves and bring that out of them.

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