Only 8.4% of women in this world are “hourglass”. You’ve all seen the cartoon bombshells like “Jessica Rabbit” with those beautiful curves, believe it or not you could have these proportions too.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have a 16″ waist to be an hourglass. A hourglass is made up of equal top and bottom proportion with a clearly defined waist.Every body shape is beautiful but the reason hourglass shape is so envied after is because it’s so easy to dress, and when put together properly can look so elegant but devilishly sexy at the same time.
Kim Kardashian West is the most famous perfectly dressed hourglass in modern popular culture. She has made a wealthy lifestyle through being a walking advertisement for fashion, beauty and fitness becoming one of the most followed people on social media in the world.


Kim is a well known deep cool tone girl. That winter colour palette does wonders for her complexion and when wearing the right outfit, her body proportions really show.



Bandage dresses really show the beautiful curves of an hourglass when worn with the right colours can make a woman look so feminine and gorgeous.

It does matter what beautiful shape you are, Image&Style@166 can show you how to make your body shape look more in equal proportions but more importantly make you look and feel the most fabulous you have ever been. Get in touch today.