Hi, I’m Kerrie, founder of image and style 166. I have gone into business with my son Mark, only 9 years ago; he changed my life for the better

I was deeply unhappy with my image for as long as I could remember, I had a complete lack of self-esteem and absolutely no confidence. My marriage came to an end back in January 2007 and like the majority of people who have went through a divorce will know, you feel like you have reached rock bottom.

My son who was only 16 years old at the time had enough of seeing me looking down and involving myself in self-loathing. Mark reached out to me and told me it’s time to take control of my image, he told me “Mum you’re such a beautiful woman but you are not making the best of who you are, it’s time for your image to change, a change that will make you feel amazing and confident”.

My change started with my decision to actually try, I don’t want to waste the best years of my life feeling this way towards myself. I thought about what Mark said, I do want to look at myself and know I look great and more importantly feel it when I see myself everyday. I deserve it as much as any woman or man feeling this way.

After one shopping trip, I was ready to step out and become the woman I am today. As the old saying goes; “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. That shopping trip made me realise, even if I was carrying those extra pounds, wearing the right clothes for my shape really surprised me to how confident I felt, I really did.

My personal experience, despite wearing these fab new clothes; I was still self-conscious inside about my weight, I still felt unhealthy. I joined the gym, the first day was scary and I was constantly looking round to see if anyone was staring, after that I was off in my own world and enjoyed it every time. I ditched the lonely takeaways and processed microwave meals and the weight was coming off to the point where somebody would notice every week. It gave me a huge confidence boost.

I finally felt this was the time, the summer of 2007 to go on my first girls holiday and wear my first bikini at the age of 35. Since then, I have tried so hard to maintain my confidence. I thank my son so much, I don’t know where I’d be today without that first initial push.

Everyone should feel the way I did, and still do. I decided I wanted to help other people achieve this feeling, and love yourself everyday. We all deserve it. I booked and passed my image consultant course because I know the best project you’ll ever work on is yourself.

This is where I am today, wanting to help you feel the way you rightfully should, book today with a service we can help you with.