Don’t let a fashion faux pas jeprodise potentially your dream job. We are here to show you how to choose that winning outfit for an interview

What you say during your interview is, of course a key element to secure a position. We all know this. Your energy, enthusiasm and your knowledge on the role are also essential, but arguably what you wear will also play a really important role in the decision of your interviewer. First impressions are something that happens in a matter of seconds for someone you have never met to create a portrait of either a positive or negative opinion of you based on your appearance alone. It may seem shallow but entirely true.

Having no clue what to wear for a job interview is a situation we have all experienced in our adult life.When I think of it I can always picture a wardrobe full of clothes on the bed or a frantic scatter through the rails in a shop. Fashion is like money in our account, it comes in and can quickly go, but having style stays with you. Remember that a job interview is to show the best of you and that is exactly what style is.

When getting yourself for that interview, pay attention to what you are going to wear. What you wear may affect your chances of being hired, as well as your potential for advancement within the company. Something you should do is when you are looking at the company website or news articles find out what their dress code is, look at the pictures of your gender and see how the company wants to be portrayed. It is also completely normal to ask the recruiter or the scheduler of the interview about what is appropriate attire within the company.

If it is strictly corporate wear, you need to dress in your most conservative suit or suit dress, with accessories to match to show your personality. The best colours are navy or grey, for both men and women. Navy is a colour that shows confidence and inspires confidence within a company, grey shows reliability, that you will come in, never turn up late and do your job well.

Hairstyles should be classic along with jewellery, men and women should both carry briefcases or portfolios with their CV to hand, A4 or A5 pad, a blue pen. This will show preparation has been made and you actually care about the interview.


Version 2

John Lewis grey pencil skirt, Alexander McQueen white blouse, LK Bennett white court shoes

This outfit is extremely conservative, it displays great work ethic, reliable and organised but bright and energetic.




Hugo Boss grey suit dress & Yoins Tassel Pointed Toe Heel

This look would be perfect for a management role, it shows you that you would want eyes on you, you demand attention and respect but also you would be reliable in the role.





Tahari ASL Crepe Collarless Trouser suit,

This colbalt blue trouser suit is gorgeous and in a job interview, it shows you are a strong woman but also a team player


Kenneth Cole, Wool Notch Lapel Navy suit

This suit shows that you are confident and will blend into any environment in which you are placed in.

To find out what would be best for you to wear considering your colours, body shape & individual situation. Book today with one of our image consultant who can help you. Always look out for updates.