Summer is here, bikini weather but all I can think about is FOOD 🙁 why can’t I lose weight ?

  • Have you ever been full but couldn’t stop yourself from eating ?
  • Have you ever eaten despite a full feeling ?
  • Do you ever feel ashamed or guilty about what you have eaten ?
  • Are you constantly thinking about food and your weight ?
  • Do you eat alone or find it difficult to eat in front of people?
  • Have you ever binged then purged through vomiting, laxative abuse or exercise ?
  • Do you eat to escape feelings like sadness or depression ?
  • Do you find yourself obsessively counting calories ?
  • Do you constantly crash diet to lose weight ?

           YES YES YES I hear you say..

Why do we get addicted ?

Some people get addicted to food through having sufficient cravings. These cravings come from foods containing sugar, salt and fat which triggers your brain reward centres leaving you wanting more and more. Generally most people get these cravings, so this doesn’t necessarily mean you have a self-destructive relationship with food but if this happens often and you have problems controlling yourself then it may indicate something unhealthy is going on.

Hunger and cravings are not the same thing. Hunger is controlled by the stomach, the discomforting feeling helps you know when it’s time to fuel up because your body needs energy as cravings are controlled by the brain. For example.. if you have just finished a Sunday roast dinner then you find yourself craving desert, you aren’t hungry but your brain is telling you, you want something else.

When we eat our favourite snacks for example a pack of crisps, it doesn’t just satisfy that hunger you’ve been feeling and add to those daily calories. The sugar, salt and fat content in a single crisp come together to make it immaculately addictive. Glucose levels rise due to the starch contained in crisps, which ultimately leaves us craving more. When we indulge in our snacks like crisps causes the brain to release a chemical called dopamine – dopamine is that “happy” feeling created in illegal drugs that create a “buzz” or a “high”. Have you ever wondered to yourself why you crave those prawn cocktail walkers? As time goes on, your brain seeks those “feel good” chemicals. Your mind reacts even when you see a packet in the shopping aisle,  this can happen again if your friend even mentions the word crisps, this is the result of your brain starts craving dopamine. It’s generally no coincidence that these addictive foods are the cheapest in the market and so assessable.

With a few changes and a little help from us you can break this cycle.

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