Summer 2016 is fast approaching and I can almost hear the sound of the lapping waves on a sandy beach but what will you be wearing? What is the best swimwear this season for your shape?

I have spoken about body shapes before but how do you dress your shape for the summer? What is the best swimwear to wear for you?



Beautiful detailed cut-out swimsuit by Matthew Williamson available at

Perfect for rectangle shapes to create those curves

If you are an hourglass shape you want the focus to be on your narrowest feature which is your waist; I suggest a two piece swimsuit, find yourself some high-waisted bikini bottoms, this will show a cinched waist, showing off those fabulous proportions you have. On the top keep it the same pattern; this is due to the fact that your proportions are more or less equal and directing your eyes from one or the other can take that away. If you wore a different pattern on the top it would create the illusion you were bottom heavy and vice versa.
Another shape which is best to wear a two piece swimsuit is the pear shape. When you wear your swimsuit you want a bikini top that has more detail to create interest away from the fullest region of your body which is your hips. The top should have thick straps or patterns to make the eyes go upwards; a bandeau can be great as it can with certain patterns can create an appearance of a fuller bust. As I said earlier the entire spotlight should be on the top half therefore the bottom should have little or detail with thin straps so there is no focus there.


River island bandeau


Gorgeous bandeau top from River Island

Absolutely stunning on a pear shape, to show a fuller bust

Moving on to the apple shape which is the complete opposite to the pear shape, you want the focus to be on the bottom as most of you have a great pair of legs, this summer its time to show it off. If you are not comfortable wearing a two-piece because perhaps you’re carrying more weight round your middle than you’d like, there are fabulous wrapped one-piece swimsuits for you. The swimsuits are best to be in a wrapped design which will create curves and take the attention away from your midriff. Apple shapes look as beautiful in a bikini¬†as much as in a one-piece swimsuit, when choosing a two-piece make sure you choose a lot of detail on the bottom rather than the top for the observation to be on your beautiful pins.



Stunning wrapped one-piece swimsuit from Evans

Apple shapes would look a million dollars in this

Finally I want to tell you about the rectangle shapes, girls who do not have much definition in their proportions from head to toe and the purpose of the swimwear is to create the illusion of curves. The essential swimwear that would give them the curves that they do not really have, would be to wear cut-out one piece swimsuit, the cut-outs would show a more cinched in waist that normally is not there. If you would like to wear two piece bikini, you have to equal out the designs on both the top and the bottom, draw interest to both.

Wearing the right swimwear is not down to your size it is down to your proporations of your body, get in touch with one of our image consultants to determine your body shapes and enjoy a professional, fun shopping experience with us. Book something that we can help you with today.