The Met Gala 2016 was a dramatic flare of silver and gold. The theme this year was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, show the evolution in fashion with a futuristic vibe. Celebrities on the red carpet took the theme seriously and custom made metallic really took centre stage.

Choosing wherever to wear silver or gold is completely based on your skin tone. Your skin tone are the undertones of your skin, so below the surface determined by the amount of pigment in your skin, this does not change all year round. Celebrities would or more accurately their stylist would not put a metallic outfit on them without consulting their skin tone first. The reason for this is a cool skin tone radiates with wearing silver; it causes the features on your face to brighten including your eyes and even your teeth. This effect happens the same with wearing gold as a warm skin tone.


The Met Gala benefit this year showed exactly who is a cool or warm. Kim Kardashian who is one of the most famous cool skin tone, the metallic silver Balmain design really made her skin glow and whole appearance radiate. Despite Kim Kardashian dress being a bold statement dress, it did not fade Kim at all, it actually makes her stand out more.


Cindy Crawford is a famous warm skin tone beauty and when she attended the Met Gala this year she opted for a silver metallic Balmain dress, the dress was gorgeous and fitted her body beautifully but the colour made all her features to darken. I saw the dress in all its glory before I saw Cindys gorgeous face.


Disney star Zendaya, is one of my favourites of the night, she was wearing a stunning gold Michael Kors dress, it really showed her gorgeous body from head to toe. Zendaya is a warm skin tone that despite the dark make up she wore, her face really came into focus which is the most important. She definitely showed she knew her colours and worked that to her advantage.


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