Colour is something that immediately grabs your attention. Colour is a science. It is so important to understand that the colours that stimulate your eye may not work for your image. We all want to share messages in every situation we place ourselves in, this is not only done with conversation and body language but also with your clothes, more specifically the colours you’re wearing.

Your correct colours are all down to the science of your natural features. Through your natural features your colours can be found, this is done by taking into account your natural hair colour, eye colour and skin tone. If you choose a colour you really like but it is not right for you, people would notice the colour before they notice you, they would mention how beautiful the colour is rather than how the colour makes you look beautiful.

Establishing whether you are naturally cool or warm can start to figure out which colours really suit you. This is known from the undertone of your skin; the undertone is not the colour of your skins surface, this is your complexion. Your undertone is determined by how much melanin or pigment you have in your skin.

Once you have discovered your cool or warm status, you can determine then which season you are. The 4 seasons are spring, summer, autumn and winter; each season has its own variety of colours for each individual type.

An image consultant at image@166 can discuss with you how to find out exactly what colours you are and how to dress accordingly. There are continous updates on all our services, book something that will help you.