Image&Style@166 wants to find out everybody’s true clothing personality? We want to let everyone know it is okay to be yourself but we will give you the tools to be the best of who you really are and look fabulous being YOU. During your style consultation we will not look at your size, we will look at the proportions of your body, making you aware of what your body shape is and explaining exactly how to construct an outfit to create equal proportions and we promise we will have you feeling wonderful about yourself.

By the end of the session you know why it is important to wear certain items of clothing and why to avoid others. This will save you a lot of  money in the future as everything you buy will be appropriate for you. Image&Style@166 has the knowledge and want to share it with you.
DurationGroup session 2 Hours / Single session 1 Hour
Price: £65 Per Person / £50 Per person in a parties of 5 people or more