Back to black? We all rely on it yet wearing the right colours will make you look brighter and more radiant.

We all know our favourite colour but do we really know what colours actually suit us? Everyday we see people being afraid of colour, reverting to the black dress. Everybody has classic black clothing in their wardrobe but black is about hiding behind a sheet of no colour.
Does anybody actually feel fabulous in their old faithful? Absolutely not, you know when you look amazing. Image&Style@166 will look at your natural features and discover what colours actually bring out your natural beauty to make you look more vibrant, healthier and youthful.
We will not only tell you what your colours are, we will take you through step by step how to exactly these colours work for you and how to wear them as a colour scheme in your every day life and create beautiful outfits. Our help will make sure you look and feel exactly how you should every single day.
We give options to all our clients to carry out our colour consultation on a single basis or part of a group of 5+
Duration: Group session 2 Hours / Single session 1 Hour
Price: £65 Per Person / £50 Per person in a parties of 5 people or more