Looking around the shops is an experience most of us realy enjoy espically when we are treating ourselves. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you find something you think is gorgeous on the hanger but in those changing rooms its not what you expected. The truth is that not every piece of clothing in the shops is going to suit every body type.

There are 5 general body shapes, each as equally as beautiful as the other. Making sure you are saving money and looking good, having an understanding of your body type is an extremely important part of growing your personal style. There are so many cuts and shapes created, but you need to know what is going to work for you and do what you want to achieve. taking into consideration your entire body from head to toe when choosing an outfit

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent

The main shapes consist of apple, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle and hourglass. Hourglass is considered the most sought after shape due to its equal proporations. The proporations are not the only thing that determines your shape, another factor is your height along with your torso to legs ratio.

Everyone has insecurities surrounding their bodies, I have never met anyone who is 100% happy with their whole body have you? The reason you must understand your current body shape is because you need to determine what proportions of your body you want to accuentate and others you want to cover up.When choosing an outfit, you need to focus on making sure the attention is on your gorgeous face.

An image consultant at image@166 can help you figure out what your body shape is, look at your proportions, find out what you love about your body and make sure you are aware of the styles that flatter you. Book something that will help you.

Look out for all the updates on all the body types and what they exactly mean to you.