April 26th, 2016

  • Colours

    Why is colour so important?

    Colour is something that immediately grabs your attention. Colour is a science. It is so important to understand that the colours that stimulate your eye may not work for your image. We all want to share messages in every situation we place ourselves in, this is not only done with conversation and body language but also with your clothes, more specifically the colours you’re wearing.


  • Lifestyle

    Beautiful body shapes

    Looking around the shops is an experience most of us realy enjoy espically when we are treating ourselves. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you find something you think is gorgeous on the hanger but in those changing rooms its not what you expected. The truth is that not every piece of clothing in the shops is going to suit every body type.


  • Personal Shopping

    Once you’ve completed both your colour and style consultation, we will know everything we need to give you a fabulous personal shopping experience. Personal shopping is a phrase we’ve heard on the TV or in magazines that is aimed at the rich and famous, it is not the case anymore. Most people nowadays have a busy life and find it difficult trying to fit in the time to really search for that perfect outfit they desperately need.
    Image&Style@166 give our clients options, we are happy to find specific items for you and bring them to where you only purchase what you feel a million dollars in or you can join us on a shopping trip where we will go where you wish yo find your perfect outfit of even a brand new wardrobe. All research will be carried out prior to the shopping trip.
    Lets whip your style into shape, no more staring into your wardrobe, wondering what to wear, you’ll have the knowledge along with those amazing outfits staring back at you. Image&Style@166 is here to help so you can feel better than you ever have before.
    Price on application. 
  • Style Consultation

    Image&Style@166 wants to find out everybody’s true clothing personality? We want to let everyone know it is okay to be yourself but we will give you the tools to be the best of who you really are and look fabulous being YOU. During your style consultation we will not look at your size, we will look at the proportions of your body, making you aware of what your body shape is and explaining exactly how to construct an outfit to create equal proportions and we promise we will have you feeling wonderful about yourself.

    By the end of the session you know why it is important to wear certain items of clothing and why to avoid others. This will save you a lot of  money in the future as everything you buy will be appropriate for you. Image&Style@166 has the knowledge and want to share it with you.
    DurationGroup session 2 Hours / Single session 1 Hour
    Price: £65 Per Person / £50 Per person in a parties of 5 people or more
  • Colour Consultation

    Back to black? We all rely on it yet wearing the right colours will make you look brighter and more radiant.

    We all know our favourite colour but do we really know what colours actually suit us? Everyday we see people being afraid of colour, reverting to the black dress. Everybody has classic black clothing in their wardrobe but black is about hiding behind a sheet of no colour.
    Does anybody actually feel fabulous in their old faithful? Absolutely not, you know when you look amazing. Image&Style@166 will look at your natural features and discover what colours actually bring out your natural beauty to make you look more vibrant, healthier and youthful.
    We will not only tell you what your colours are, we will take you through step by step how to exactly these colours work for you and how to wear them as a colour scheme in your every day life and create beautiful outfits. Our help will make sure you look and feel exactly how you should every single day.
    We give options to all our clients to carry out our colour consultation on a single basis or part of a group of 5+
    Duration: Group session 2 Hours / Single session 1 Hour
    Price: £65 Per Person / £50 Per person in a parties of 5 people or more